Featured IT Services

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Viruses are sadly all too common, and we have all the tools and knowledge to remove viruses and other harmful programs from your machine, as well as put measures in place to prevent them from coming again.

Registry errors and unneeded programs can slow down any PC, infected or not. We can fix these errors and stop unwanted programs from being run, greatly increasing performance.

Our technicians have experience with solving many networking problems, including basic wired and wireless setup, wireless encryption, creating guest networks, and more.

Your data is becoming more important every day, and we can put in place several measures to make sure that you will never lose it.

With laptops being so popular, wireless connectivity is a must in most home. Let us help set up an ideal wireless network for your house.

We can assist in keeping your computer up to date by replacing parts to help increase performance. Examples are RAM, Hard Drive, CPU, etc.

Computers can become obsolete, but we have knowledge which will help you get the best computer for your work or play style, and at the best price.

Have access to your email on the go, and then stay in touch at ease when home.

We can help make printing easier by setting up new printers or by sharing them on your network so desktops and laptops can print to all printers.

Our technicians are knowledgable about most current software, and will be happy to install software on your computer and train you to use it if you request.

Have access to your home PC from anywhere. We can set up remote access from other desktops, laptops, tablets, and even some smartphones.